Aino Ojala

I am a visual artist and textile designer working with textiles, clay, text, and electronics. I am interested in themes of contact and skin, intimacy and mental health in my artistic practice. By exploring haptic surfaces, I want to study how to experience the world through the sense of touch.

I’m fascinated by materials and techniques that require time and patience. My work is based on craft, and I see slow making as a counterforce to the pressure to be fast and effective. By making, I search for the connection with materials and their nature. I see craft as a grounding interaction between the human body and material.

I live and work in Helsinki, Finland. I received a Bachelor’s degree in Contemporary Arts at the Arts Academy of Turku in 2018, and a Master of Arts degree in Textile Design at Aalto University in 2022. Besides textiles and sculptures, I have made murals, and illustrations, and contributed to performing arts projects. I have worked on commissions and collaborated with other artists, designers and researchers.

Please note that this portfolio is currently not up-to-date. Please contact me if you wish to know more about my recent projects!

Aino Ojala
photo by Marita Tarvonen